Natural Gas Marketing

Consulting Services
•  Secure bids/quotations from gas suppliers
•  Review all supplier and transportation contracts
•  Assist in locating various delivery points to assist in negotiating discounted transportation rates (if applicable) on utility
• Reconcile supplier/utility invoices, including finalized volumes with default pricing structures outside of first of the month rates, if any
•  Structure additional purchases to take advantage of consumption patterns
•  Provide market updates to optimize hedging opportunity for natural gas
•  Weekly monitoring of each facilities’ usage versus physical deliveries
•  Assist in balancing supplies if swing contracts are selected, focusing on the optimized time to purchase or sell gas
•  Corresponding recommendations of when to purchase/sell based upon weather, pricing, and current supply/demand scenarios in the marketplace
•  Long-term hedging strategies, including NYMEX, if applicable, and additional basis purchases (timing is a key factor in this market)
•  Annual savings analysis
•  Annual budget assistance
•  Customized reports to meet the customers’ needs
•  Natural gas supply training for employees as requested, a rare offer by any supply company
Producer Services
•  Pool Operator (Columbia Gas Transmission & Peoples Natural Gas)
•  Producer aggregation services to assure producer receives market-based contract prices
•  Provide market intelligence for NYMEX & Basis to optimize hedging opportunities
•  Contract well tending
•  Well accounting distribution services
•  Reserve evaluations (Natural Gas)
•  Natural Gas economic projections for royalty and/or interest owners